My church folk and basically everyone who claims salvation by the blood of Christ keeps on rebuking me when I say I am the black sheep. They rebuke me because according to them, as a Christian, I should not confess negative things on myself. And I get where they are coming from and I appreciate […]

#3 21st January

People will do anything to get their names in the hall of fame, Badala wafind ways za kuepuka eternal flames, Never rely on grapevine news ukiwa somewhere new, Always try to find the truth, The ingredients of the brew, Coz the nicest people to you, Ndo mostly huwa na issues. Day 1 nilililia God mbona […]


Sijui kama huwa tunaomba Mungu mmoja, Sababu requests zetu hazikai kufanana, While I pray for clothes shelter and food, Unaomba against wale wanacome after you, Na siongei kuhusu makarao ama wasee wa uduu, No, I mean all those souls ulichezea karata, Taking advantage of their desperation na kuwaacha kwa mataa, That 14 year old you […]


I hate victimizing myself. I hate being the person everybody woiyes when they think about them. At the same time, I like being real. Telling things as they are. The hard truths. And it is a thin line. Because most, if not all the time, I write about my stories and experiences, I get that […]


Before anything else, umenipenda, Ata niende wapi, unanifuata, Nikikosea, wanifundisha, Nikirudia, wanisamehea, But not without consequences, A lesson learnt here and there. And I forget rahisi sana, About where I was, How it was, The unending falls, The loss of hope, Na vile uliniokoa. I take you for granted, Nasahau, Na pale pale najipata nimerudi, […]


Inner peace has become a hot topic recently. Everyone happens to have an opinion about it especially because it has become a trend and no one wants to be left behind. Some want to appear wise. Some just talk about it for the sake of it. But there are those that know exactly what they […]