Breath of life,
Senses to get around the day,
Stength to dream and believe,
You have given me everything that a person needs to function,
But then comes in this one thorn…
It pierces painful and deep,
Careful enough to touch every vital part,
It draws out lots of blood,
Making sure to torture me intensely,
But not enough to make me die.
I have tried midnight prayers,
And week-long fasts,
I have tried cleansing myself from the internet,
And every other thing or person that triggers this sin,
I have bathed in holy water,
And offered sacrifices to the gods of our ancestors,
But this thorn oh Lord,
This thorn will not let go of my flesh.
I am soaked in decades of guilt,
Ashamed to even look myself in the face,
Because every time I say I will not walk in this path,
I find myself deeper in these woods,
And the worst part is,
Now I am here,
Afraid that it will never stop,
And I may end uo losing my spot in your eternal kingdom,
I am tired of the back and forth,
The almost guaranteed fall,
The threat to my soul,
I am just tired of being a slave to this thorn,
And I am asking Lord…
Please take it out.

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