‘White birds with orange beaks’ I type into the search engine. I was seated outside basking and thinking and honestly just zoning out, when this flock of birds swooped up above me.  They were between 8-10 birds. Maybe 9. I was too lazy to count. They all perched, perhaps to rest and I was about to let them be when three of them caught my eye. 
Bird A. He is tall. Serious looking. Bigger than all of them. From the moment he perched the branch seemed to obey his presence. It did not move an inch. He stood higher than the rest. The wind gracefully blowing through its feathers. He didn’t seem to know what a smile was. I don’t know whether birds can smile. He must be the boss, I thought.
Bird B. He is also tall but a bit smaller as compared to Bird A. He looks younger too but his face is actually more serious. Like that of a bouncer. He perched on a different tree from everybody else. And no, it is not because the one was full. While the rest pecked and rubbed and ruffled their feathers, he stood their watching. He must be some kind of sniper or central intelligence. He moved his head 180 degrees in each direction. Calm but prepares. Ready to attack anything or anyone that may cause his flock danger.
Bird C. He was my favorite. (Chuckle). From the moment he perched to when I left there, he was struggling. I don’t know if like humans, there are birds that are confused about who they are. This one clearly wasn’t sure he was one or rather he wasn’t good at it. Perhaps wishing it was a dolphin or a frog. He kept opening and closing its wings trying to balance on the branch it was perched on. He tried changing branches a few times before realizing that indeed it wasn’t the branches that had a problem. He went back to the first swingy one. His face is what killed me! In a good way!

From the look of things he was also either a high up official as  our guy Mr Sniper or he was the son of Bird A and he had a position to play. Prince. Next in line. Second in command. But he was struggling.  Each time he kept almost falling off from the branch his face went like ‘Come on branch!!! This is not the time to embarass me! When I am at the pub doing my stand up comedy and I need material to make people laugh you become stiff and uncooperative, but now I am at this serious mission with my old man, trying to pull up my numbers and you just want to make a fool of me now! Come on mehn. Work with me here! I am already disgrace enough as it is!’

But the branch is having none of that. It is having the time of its life torturing the guy who just comes and stands on it not bothering to ask how its week has been. 

Or I am just bored and my mind is trying to stay alive. Oh. And the white birds with orange beaks are called Cattle Egrets known to live in tropical and subtropical locations. Also I wish my life was half organized as that of the birds. 




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