Apart from family, friendship is also pretty important to me. Especially when you get to be friends with your family members then in my eyes you have won in life. Sadly, I am terribly lacking in both these sectors. This however, is not to say I do not have insights or experiences concerning these fields. Oh I do! A load for that matter. 

There are different kinds of friends. Of many sorts, shapes and sizes. I couldn’t analyze all of them if I wanted to, because perhaps I have not met all kinds yet. But from the ones I have encountered, this is the list I was able to compile.
1. There is the friend that loves you unconditionally. No matter what you do or say, they will love you till you die. Of course you will fight, but they will always be there for you when you need them. It won’t even take pleading, just an open of your mouth and they are there. In fact there are those who love you so much that they actually get vibration alerts when you are not in your right state. Call in telekinesis. 
2. There is the friend that you love unconditionally but they would really not care whether you jumped into the Nile and got eaten by crocodiles. Most times they don’t even notice your presence. Why you stick with them is honestly one of those human settings malfunctions. It beats all logic.
3. There is the hot-cold friend. This one operates with moods. One day you are as happy and close as the stars and skies. The next, you are oil and water. You could be in the same space but not mix even in the slightest way. This one, I guess you tolerate because ‘when they are good they are really really good.’ But everything has its limits and I guess such friendships sooner or later meet their end. 
4.Then there is the convenience friend. This one is my favorite because it intrigues me  the level of selfishness and pettiness people could have. This one is a user. Provided you have something that is good for them then they will keep you around. Be it money, connections, a house or even company. Whatever it is their mind asks for that day and you have it, then they will do anything to keep you. But oh brother! Kaukiwa tu dakika mbili and you won’t know what kind of shift took place. You become so invisible that you begin to doubt your own existence. They will drop you like moulding bread once a better deal comes their way. Shame is nowhere in their vocabulary and trust me even after all this madharau they will come back when they need you. Like nothing happened. Because a pair of shoes should always be there whenever the wearer needs it. No matter how long it has been right? Wrong.
5.Then there is the competing type. This one is friends with you because they like the things you have and they want them too. If you get a watch today they will have it tomorrow. If you like a certain singer, they will get their whole album. If it is a project you are working on in your life, they will not be slow to mention that they too have been coincidentally working on the same for th3 longest time. Basically this one sees as though you do not deserve anything good in life if they do not have it as well. And the best part is that they will do it in a very ‘subtle’ way you won’t even realize it until the music starts sounding too familiar. Why they choose you to compete with in the first place is a wonder in itself. You that still sleeps on a mattress on the floor. You should know that with this type, it is always okay when they have more than you but never the other way round. 
6. Lastly there is the ‘spotlight’ friend. I do not even know why they are considered friends. These ones are the ones who want to take all the praise and glory for anything good that happens to you as a person and to you as friends. If you go shopping and you happen to be given a discount, you won’t have to remind them to tell everyone how it was their smile or their smooth talk or their simple presence that made that possible. If you go out and a guy comes to take your number, oh she will twist and turn that story until eventually it says of how she was tired of seeing you sad and alone so she had to hook you up with one of her friends. Keep in mind that before that number picking day she knew nothing of this guy. If you happen to die and go to heaven you best believe she will be telling the angels of how he or she was the one who kept you straight while you were still on earth. The spotlight friend. You are only friends if you stay in their shadow otherwise there will be a problem. 




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