Up above the rooftop, 

I am free,

I could be anything,

I could be a student travelling for an internship,

I could be on vacation as a tourist,

I could be just a friend visiting,

I could simply be ‘one of our regular customers staying.’
On this little rooftop,

I found peace and quiet,

I found calm,

I found time to dig deep into my habits and find causes and reasons,

I am able to walk side by side with my wishes and dreams,

Listen to what they had to say,

Look at them in admiration and nod,

Nod in agreement but more still appreciation of the person I was slowly becoming.
On this little rooftop,

I found my demons,

I heard them whisper in my ear,

Reminding me where I was coming from,

All the thrills and highs they could provide,

Asked me to indulge them,

For one time,

But we all know it never is for just one time…

And then come fighting, my angels,

They urge me to be strong,

To not look back but keep going on,

They give me bread and water to replenish my soul,

And with a lustful eye,

I look at the tempting sins of my past, longing,

But I listen to the voice of truth,

And I keep pushing to the promised land.
On this rooftop,

I have made memories,

I have met people I never would have otherwise,

I have had conversations about the wide wild world and everything it carries,

I have had mental journeys to lands far,

I have been mesmerized by the treasures I saw,

Hoping to one day lay my hands on them,

And then I come back to my shell,

Take my notebook of secrets,

Put on my music,

And just write.

I get back to what I am in reality,

Just another girl with her pen and thoughts.



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