I think the main reason I have always wanted to be a boy, a man, was because of my father. I will start by saying that he is definitely no saint and I lived in endless fear of him. I still do. Well, fear of his wrath but mostly of disappointing him. He once gave me a slap that gave me instant malaria I promise you. But anyway. He is also my role model, my super hero, that old man you see in movies that sits by the sidewalk with his cane and coffee and newspaper, having all the answers of life. He is a very firm and strict person but yet very gentle and kind. He is extremely passionate about the things he loves and those are Beats, Books and Babies. He is in every bit dedicated to what he does. Wachana na mimi I wake up one day wanting to be a carpenter and the next a matatu conductor. He is quiet. Fascinatingly quiet. He is also very patient. Never makes any rushed decisions. And best part is, if he sees you making a mistake, he will give you time to realize your fault and correct it. But if you take too long, haha, you will not like his other side one bit. But above everything else, he is a decent human being. In this world of chaos and confusion, selfishness and pride, he somehow is able to be and remain a decent person. I always wanted to be exactly that. Even if it meant being a man. 




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