KUJIPANGA ‘White birds with orange beaks’ I type into the search engine. I was seated outside basking and thinking and honestly just zoning out, when this flock of birds swooped up above me.  They were between 8-10 birds. Maybe 9. I was too lazy to count. They all perched, perhaps to rest and I was […]


“I’m vegeterian,”she said when he was about to put steak on her plate. He had worked hard to cook her that date meal. He was confused when later that night she had her mouth full with his manhood. -dew- -23-


She daily looked in the mirror, Stunned by her perfect figure, Despising anything that would take it away, Now she is growing older, Chances growing fewer, Begging God for a child,  Even if it made her wider… -dew- -23-


Today I pinched someone else’s child. I got hold of her two and a half year old ear and I twisted and pulled at it. Yes. See she was playing with her sister running up and down and enjoying and having a good time when suddenly she shouted ‘matako wewe.’ I stopped what I was […]


Being fat, plus size, big, chubby, full bodied, obese, whatever you want to call it, had stopped stressing me for a while because I had decided that I, not anyone else, was the master of my destiny. So I woke up every morning, had a conversation with God (okay sometimes I forgot) showered and dressed […]


I have come to realize that I am a shallow person. The combined influence of media, people and just self- shallowness has turned me into a very vain person and I apologize.  Not more than ten days ago, if asked what traits my ideal person should have, my mind would quickly go to these things, […]


You told me you had a wife and two kids. You told me she mistreated you physically, mentally and emotionally. You told me that most times than not, you had to sleep at a lodging hoping some day she would come back to her senses. Naturally I felt bad and sorry for you. Sympathy became […]