I am not an expert at this, this is my first attempt actually to give my opinion on anything that does not directly concern me but I am going to do it anyway. I am a huge fan of epic movies. I love the olden setting, the accents, the dresses, the delving into mysteries that […]


I am an artist. Or so I think. A poet. And thus I write about almost everything and anything. What I see, what I think, what I see. It all comes out in my words when I cannot talk or act on it. I am sorry but I am not really. I have no other […]

I have been staring at this photo for a while now. I find that this body is extremely artistic, extremely right, extremely beautiful. I would love to know what was going on in God’s mind that day. He must have been in a very good mood I bet. I can feel that joy moving towards […]


I don’t know why 24 was or is such a big deal for me. I am at the poorest point of my life, I have no job, I still have unresolved resolutions and I still feel scared when meeting new people. So why was this such a huge ordeal in my head? The last 7 […]


And oh I love her! I have ever since I saw her. The way she smiled and immediately went back to being serious. Maybe because smiling was not her thing. Maybe because she was shy and she didn’t realize how majestically beautiful that smile makes her look. And oh I love how her touch makes […]


It is interesting to me what Death means to all of us. Everyone has their own different description of the age old phenomena. I wonder whether any of us has it right. Some people see Death as that moment when the soul leaves the body and every physical communication is lost from a person. When […]

Ironic Contradiction

You are Irony. Maybe Contradiction. I find it extremely hard to keep up with you these days. It is exhausting really. I used to find you a mystery but now you are a wild fire that I would only want to see from afar. You speak of love, unconditional, genuine open heart and mind love, […]